Management Administration

Vice President, an executive whose position is immediately below the president. The president proposes the position and appoints to the University Council. There are several vice president positions which decentralize supervision thoroughly with a working period of position equaling to the president’s.

Assistant to President Administration 

Assistant to President, an executive whose position is in the level below the president. There are several assistants to president which distribute supervision to each division separately. The position will be automatically vacated when the president’s period is ended.

Operations Support Agency

Office Management

The director of the bureau is an executive of an agency that supports teaching and learning that is equivalent to a faculty, such as the director of the Office of Registration and Evaluation. Director of the Institute of Thai Studies Director of the Computer Center In these offices, institutes and centers, there may be deputy directors. or assistant director Can act as an assistant in the administration

Division Support Agency

Central Management

It is the main mission support unit of the university. to be in the same direction responsible General administration, supplies, public relations, documentation, building and premises, vehicles

Division Support Agency

Administration of Policy and Planning Division

It is a supporting unit that plays an important role in the operation of the university. plan shape the future direction of the university and is responsible for studying, researching, analyzing and collecting data to create a Management Information System (MIS), as well as analyzing policies, plans, projects, budgets, monitoring and evaluation. Prepare official performance certification Including suggesting information in various cases To be useful for the decision of the administrators which will lead to the advancement of the university.

Division Support Agency

Administration of Student Development Division

Responsible for promoting, taking care of various tasks related to student activities
The provision of university services and welfare to students is complementary. and support for academic work to achieve its objectives To help and develop students to become complete graduates.

Division Support Agency

Administration of Academic Promotion and Registration Division

It is responsible for supporting the objectives of the University. to achieve that goal Providing various academic education according to local needs and producing graduates conducting research to promote the academic standing of teachers Teachers and educational personnel Preserve arts and culture and provide academic services to society.

Division Support Agency

Financial Management

Responsible for paying, receiving, delivering money, keeping money and financial documents, examining petition certificates, work related to salaries, wages, compensation, pensions, other money, work related to prepare a financial position budget money allocation All types of accounting Register to control income and expenses disbursement control Monthly, annual, trial budget work, work related to university supplies and other tasks.

Division Support Agency

Administration of the Human Resources Management Division

Responsible for recruiting Personnel selection, hiring, taking care of wages, salaries and welfare of personnel

Center Support Agency

Management of research and innovation centers

We are ready to create research or innovation and creative work. teaching Create innovations in all 5 areas by using science and technology. Health Sciences and Social Sciences To be a center for knowledge sharing from all sectors to commercialization and elevate communities in the 3 southern border provinces