PNU Administration

Gather your family and enjoy great food that everyone will love.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Preecha Salaemae
President Princess of Naradhiwas University
Tel : 073709030 # 1148
E-mail :

Channels for receiving suggestions and complaints to develop the university through the website
by interfering with asking you to fill out the form specified then send it directly to the bishop

Vice President

Assoc. Prof.Jae Lo Khaekphong

Vice President for Administration Affairs
Tel : 073-709030 # 1123
E-mail :

Dr. Tomon
Noon Kaew

Vice President for Policy and Planning
Tel : +66810892324
E-mail :

Dr. Aslan Hi Lay

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tel : +6689-658-2914
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Arong Maseng

Vice President for Physical
Tel : +6686-597-3636
E-mail :

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wasan Plasai

Vice President for Research and Innovation
Tel : +6681-9149175
E-mail :

Asst.Prof. Wanchai Kaew Noonual

Vice President for Student Affairs
Tel : +6663-793-0178
E-mail :

Assistant to President

Dr. Nattaporn Thepprom

Assistant to the President
Tel : –
E-mail :

Mr. Ali Chelae

Assistant to the President
Tel : +6686-4910743

Mr. Warin Narawit

Assistant to the President
el : +6662-3786774
-mail :

Dr. Watcharin Fongyo

Assistant to the President
Tel : 073-709030 # 1162
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Dr. Supojanee Saensuk

Assistant to the President
Tel : 073-709030 # 1137
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Sumate
Sri Chu

Assistant to the President
Tel : +6681-7488007
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Trera Thepprom

Assistant to the President
Tel : –
E-mail :

Dean / Director

Asst. Prof. Dr. Supat Srisawat

Dean of Faculty of Medicine
Tel : 073-709030 Ext.1149
E-mail :

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siriphan Siriphan

Dean of Faculty of Nursing
Tel :
E-mail :

Dr. Yunyoung Surut

Dean of Faculty of Engineering
Tel : +6681-959-0164
E-mail :

ผศ.ดร.กิติยา ถาวโรฤทธิ์

โทร : 09
อีเมล์ :

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jakkhaphan Piychayapipiarkul

Dean of Faculty of Agriculture
Tel : 0887825397
E-mail :

Dr. Sopawan Nookung

Dean of Faculty of Liberal arts
Tel : 0909811699
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Bongkoch Kamolprem

Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences
: 073-709030 # 3310
E-mail : Bongko

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anis Pattanaprichawong

Director of Academy of Islamic and Arabic Studies
Tel : 0814782872
E-mail :

Mr. Parmin Hayamin

Director of Narathiwat Technical Collage
Tel : 087-288-8087
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Surasen Sririkanond

Director of Narathiwat Agriculture and Technology College
Tel : 093-729-4241
E-mail :

Mr. Surasit Chorwong

Director of Takbai Industrial and Community Education College
Tel : 081-798-4792
E-mail :

Division Director

Mr. Yakreeya Sama

Director of the Office of the President
Tel : 073-709030 # 1141
E-mail :

Mrs. Alisa Maseng

Director of the Division of Student Affair
Tel :
E-mail :

Miss Phanarat Watcharathaksin

Director of Policy and Planning Office
Tel : 0817675828
E-mail :

Mrs. Nareumon Srisuwan

Director of Division of Human Resources Management Office
Tel : 073-709030 # 1189
E-mail :

Mrs. Mareeyah Puteh

Director of a Academic&Register Affair
Tel : 073-709030 # 1102
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Seksan Ti-ngi

Director of Division of General Office
Tel : –
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Nitradi Beraheng

Director of Division of Financial Office
Tel : –
E-mail :

Asst. Prof. Rugchanok Puwaphut

Director of
Research & Innovation Center

Tel : –
E-mail :

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